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TES: Legend news

Sparkypants Studio’s New Client Is Coming! TES Legends maintenance

The long-awaited update to the brand new Sparkypants Studios version of Legends is set to arrive Tuesday, September 25. Here is the FAQ from admins regarding this update: Q: What’s included in this rebuilt version of Legends? A: The entire client has been rebuilt from scratch. For players this means a new user interface, new [ more...]

Finally A Big Tournament: Legends Masters Series at QuakeCon 2018

TES Legends is trying to make it’s way to ESport, and new effort is quite big. Qualifiers for the first Masters Series – featuring both offline and online events — will begin at the end of this month (June 30th) and culminate in Dallas, TX at QuakeCon 2018! Sixteen of the best Legends players in the [ more...]

May 2018 TOP-100 TESL players is live!

Congratulations for all who made it to the top! As always, here is the interactive ranking tool to track progress. Related Posts:Privacy PolicyMay 2018 TESL Meta SnapshotApril 2018 TES Legends Meta Report by Karakondzhul more...TOP 100 players rating is now interactive!A New Gauntlet Mode: Allegiance!New Rumble Gauntlet: January 13 – 15

The Series Lives: TES VI is announced

Fandom of TES series can be relieved: Bethesda announced the next chapter of epic TES series on E3. There is no information about the game at all, even no clue about Tamriel province where action will take place. Only teaser video. Looking at the landscape we can assume it will be Hammerfell or Summerset Isle. [ more...]

May 2018 TESL Meta Snapshot

The ranking of a deck is determined by its power level, popularity, and its matchups. This style of ranking means that the most powerful decks found in tournaments are not always tier 1 decks on ladder, as popularity is an indicator for ladder efficiency as well as the entry skill level for a deck. For [ more...]

Farewell, Direwolf! Hello Sparkypants! TES Legends getting new developer

Bethesda announced a new stage of TES Legends evolution, which required to replace lead developers team from Direwolf Digital to Sparkypants. Here is bittersweet words from Direwolf: We began working with Bethesda on development of Legends over seven years ago with an ambitious goal: create an awesome next-gen digital card game that captures the spirit of one [ more...]