Universal Deck Tracker by extesy

This program is very usefull tool for TES Legends players to manage decks and track winrates of the decks. You can download it from GitHub

Also, up to date release is avaliable for download on our server (v. 1.0.78).

Important! Unlike all other trackers for these games, this one does not modify game files so it is compliant with Terms of Service agreements. Using trackers that modify game files might get your account banned. As an additional benefit it doesn’t break when the game update is released.


  • Download UniversalDeckTracker
  • Launch it right from the directory you put it after download (shortcut on desktop will appear automatically).
  • Start TES Legends. Wait some time. The name of the game in Universal Deck Tracker will turn yellow, and than green. When it’s green, you can use it.

Import of decks from TESLegends.PRO to TES Legends game

  • Open deck you want to load to the game
  • Copy URL path of this deck
  • Press “Import Deck” in Universal Deck Tracker and paste URL there. It will load the deck automatically.

Alternative way:

  • Open deck you want to load to the game
  • Press “Export” button under the deck
  • Copy contents of export box
  • Press “Import Deck” in Universal Deck Tracker and paste copied contents there.

Export of decks from TES Legends game to our deckbuilder

You can load the decks from Universal Deck Tracker in our deckbuilder. To do so:

  • Right-click on deck in Universal Deck Tracker
  • Choose “Copy”
  • Open our deckbuilder
  • Select class and press “Import” button in upper menu.
  • Paste output from Universal Deck Tracker to that window and confirm import.
  • You will recieve link to created deck.

Export of full collection

You can upload your collection to our Collection Manager service to simplify deck seletion and statistical analisys. To do so, you should:

  • Connect Universal Deck Tracker and see TES Legends in green font.
  • Press “Export full collection” button.
  • Copy output of Universal Deck Tracker.
  • Go to our Collection Manager and press “Import” button
  • Confirm import and enjoy all your collection loaded.

Here is video guide: