Slay TES Legends keyword

Keyword Slay is the new unique keyword in TES:Legends. If your creature with this keyword destroy opponent’s one on your turn the bonus of keyword Slay will be activated. This […]

Regenerate TES Legends keyword

Regenerate is the sixth basic keyword in TES:Legends. At the start of your turn the creature with keyword Regenerate fully heals itself. At first sight it is cool when your […]

Last Gasp TES Legends keyword

Last Gasp is one of the unique keywords in TES:Legends. If the creature or support with this keyword is destroyed, the bonus Last Gasp effect will be triggered. Last Gasp […]

Silence TES Legends keyword

Silence is a very important and strong keyword in TES:Legends. This keyword can remove all buffs, Items, keywords and abilities from your opponent’s creature. Now there are only four Creatures […]

Guard TES Legends keyword

Guard the fourth basic keyword in TES:Legends. Before attacking your opponent, you have to destroy all the creatures with Guard. Only after the opponent has lost all these creatures, you […]

Pilfer TES Legends keyword

Pilfer is the second unique keyword in TES:Legends. Your creature with this keyword will trigger the unique bonus Pilfer effect when it attacks only your opponent. Every card with Pilfer […]

Breakthrough TES Legends keyword

Breakthrough is one of the basic keywords in TES:Legends.When your creature with Breakthrough attacks opponent’s creature, excess damage deals to your opponent. For example if the Power of your card […]

Drain TES Legends keyword

Drain is third basic keyword in TES:Legends. When you play creature or item with this keyword, you will gain as much health as inflicted damage by this Creature or Item […]

Shackle TES Legends keyword

Shackle is a very interesting and strong enough keyword in TES:Legends. If you Shackle your opponent’s creature it will skip the next turn. Items, Creatures and Actions can Shackle enemy […]

Lethal TES Legends keyword

Lethal is the fifth basic keyword in TES:Legends. When the creature with keyword Lethal deals damage to opponent’s creature, opponent’s creature will die regardless of how many health it has. […]