Here January TOP-100 comes!

We’ve got official TOP-100 rating for novamber, and it’s already live on our TOP-100 tracking service!

January 2018 reward: Pack Leader

introduces a new kind of Pilfer card to the Elder Scrolls Legends – one that creates an entirely new creature whenever it hits. This ability is pretty powerful by itself, […]

December 2017 TESL TOP-100 players

TOP-100 players rating for December 2017 was officially published, and now it’s uploaded to our service. Congrats for everyone who made it to TOP-100!

New Rumble Gauntlet: January 13 – 15

Here is new Rumble Gauntlet announced by Bethesda. As always, the rules are simple: select your favorite deck and make your way through the Gauntlet until you either earn nine […]

January 2018 TES Legends Meta

Our meta report hes been updated, and new decks included to January Meta are revealed. And here is video Meta review in Russian:

New Year – New Master of Races Tournament!

Welcome to our great tournament event Master of Races! There will be 16 qualifications with different rules. The winners of each satellite will go to superfinal and will get a […]

A New Gauntlet Mode: Allegiance!

Here is the new gauntlet mode in TES Legends. That’s how developers describe it: A new type of Gauntlet comes to The Elder Scrolls: Legends! This time around, your devotion […]

TESLegends.PRO site update

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve updated site’s functional, and now there are some improvements: Favourite decks. Now you can add deck you like to favourites and than see […]