Universal Deck Tracker update

We are glad to inform you that extesy updated his Universal Deck Tracker to v1.0.77. And this version has full support of Houses of Morrowind expansion, so you can use it to […]

Rumble Gauntlet: April 7-9

Put your best deck to the test – it’s time for the Rumble Gauntlet! The rules for this event are simple: select your favorite deck and battle your way through […]

Guide: Aquaman88 solves all the Puzzles

Puzzles are preset scenarios where the player must beat the puzzle within the given parameters such as winning the game within a single turn. Puzzles are a great way to […]

The Houses of Morrowind expansion is rolling out!

As official Twitter @BethesdaSupport states: The TESLegends servers are currently down for a scheduled game update. Stay tuned for more information. So we are expecting for The Houses of Morrowind release in […]

TESL Popularity analysis: let’s check on pulse

Google Trends is very interesting tool to analyze popularity level of different subjects, computer games included. So we created a simple and visual representation so you can check on current […]

TESL March 2018 Monthly Card: Frostscale Dragon

This month’s card has origins dating back as far as the Merethic Era. Back then dragons were rulers of Skyrim – god-kings worshipped by the powerful Dragon Priests. Eventually, the […]