Eyenie`s Telvani Conscription

The Elder Scrolls Legends deck

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  1. Jay Gledhill says:

    You can log-in with Disqus via facebook, the other three options or by creating an account in order to comment. Please do. I want your feedback

  2. Hi, Jay. I’ve been using this deck since last month. I don’t play that much (just going between ranks 5 and 3), but I found it really fun to use. The only change I made was to change the 3rd Pit Lion and Rift Thane for 2 Dunshik Archer, as I didn’t have them. It worked pretty well on the meta, which has many supports.

    I’ve been having some dificulties to get to rank 4 this month, but I think its more lack of practice than anything else.

  3. Jay Gledhill says:

    Hi Diogo, Pit lion and rift mane aren’t blue/green cards. Are you sure you’re commenting on the right deck?

  4. Viorel Ursu (Add As Friend) says:

    Awesome deck, I played it today and reached Legend. 5 wins in a row. Thanks

  5. Jay Gledhill says:

    I’ve recently discovered the comments for this website are specific to the user, not the deck
    Are you referring to my Malevalent torment deck?
    If so I’m glad it works! I received mixed feedback in the other place I published it.
    As I mentioned before, I’m runnning a watered down version of it, having only 1 staff of sparks and 1 quin’rawl burglar really limits the potential haha.

  6. Спасибо за ваши комментарии… я правда не совсем понял, тут какие-то проблемы с комментированием? Нужно обязательно войти через Facebook?

  7. Сегодня сыграл еще несколько боёв этой декой, очень нравится – загрузил еще картинку, статистика последних боев и подтверждение взятия Легенды.

    Today I played a few more fights with this deck, I really like it – I uploaded another picture, the statistics of the last battles and confirmation of the capture of the Legend.

  8. Александр Киливник says:

    Крутая колода. Наконецто я начал побеждать)))

  9. I count 47 cards,am i missing something ?

  10. what 3 cards is missing , i count 47 ?

  11. Dolph Reich says:


  12. no fyr? bad deck Kappa

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