In TES:Legends there are five different AttributesStrength, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower and Endurance. All of them have their unique specifics and mechanics. When you create your deck you can use the cards with two of those five Attributes. You will recognize belong to your Class immediately after select two card  Attributes, which you will play.

Strength is the Attribute which characterized by many buffs for a personal attack of creatures and for attack of all friendly creatures by the unique Summon bonus effects or aggressive Items. There are a lot of Strength cards with Charge, so we can say that this Attribute has very aggressive Creatures, Items and even Supports. Only the strong men who are ready to fight with the enemy face to face, possess this Attribute.

Intelligence is the Attribute which characterized by many Actions that deal damage to all opponent’s creatures or to one of them. They help you to control the board. Only the greatest mages can possess this Attribute, they can cast spells, summon Atronachs and perform miracles on the battlefield.

Willpower is the Attribute which characterized by many cards with effect of increasing the power of the army by the might of it and its quantity. Only the greatest strategists can possess this Attribute which has the Actions that are best of destroying enemy armies. The success of the holders of this attribute – a team spirit and military discipline.

Agility is the Attribute which characterized by Actions with Wounded enemies, creatures with Lethal, Pilfer and Last Gasp keywords. Only the most secretive men may possess this Attribute. They can use poisons and attack from the cover to destroy even the most powerful enemy creatures.

Endurance is the Attribute which characterized by many cards with growth of your max Magicka, cards with Drain because of experiments of dark magic. It will give you a chance to bring to battle an army of undead, trolls, giants or other monsters.

Also there are Neutral Attribute in the game. You can use it in every class like the third.

If you select two Attributes and choose your Class, you will get a chance to use unique cards with Dual Attributes which available only for that Class.

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