Endurance TES Legends attribute

Endurance is the Attribute which characterized by many cards with growth of your max Magicka (Hist Speaker, Tree Minder, Archein Venomtongue or Support Hist Grove), Undead creatures with Drain (Night Shadow, Night Talon Lord) and a lot of unique Prophecy cards (Mummify, Cursed Spectre or Lurking Mummy).

If you play cards that give you +1 max Magicka you will play strong creatures very early. Also some not so strong creatures like Stormhold Henchman or Preserver of the Root. There are two strong unique Legendary cards, which your opponent can not destroy by Actions (Iron Atronach and Nahagliiv), and one Legendary that gives you some Blood Magic Spell (Blood Magic Lord).

So in Control decks the cards with Endurance Attribute can be very strong. You can play Ramp control deck with Hist Grove, which gives you powerful late game. Also you can use Iron Atronach, Nahagliiv and good Prophecy cards to defence. Shadowfen Priest is unique card that can Silence creature or destroy enemy Support that is good enough for Control and Midrange decks. So you can play Midrange decks with Endurance Attribute because of good unique creatures for mid game like Lucien Lachance or Black Marsh Warden.

As for the Aggro decks, you can also create them with Endurance cards. There are some aggressive cards and you can play orcs to have an aggressive synergy. But this deck will not be so good.

On Arena Endurance Attribute can be very good.

Endurance Attribute is one of the components of four classes: Scout, Sorcerer, Spellsword and Warrior.