Intelligence TES Legends attribute

Intelligence is the Attribute which characterized by many Actions that deal damage to all creatures (Ice Storm or Fire Storm) or to one of them (Firebolt or Lightning Bolt). It means that you can regain the advantage on the board after casting that Actions. Also there are some actions that can Shackle all opponent’s creatures (Winter’s Grasp). It means that you can combine them with Dres Tormentor and also cleaning the board. You can sacrifice your creatures to deal damage to opponent’s creatures or to do other Actions (Cruel Firebloom or Desperate Conjuring). There is a good Ward synergy in cards with Intelligence Attribute. You can play Daggerfall Mage, then after loosing a Ward you can give it another one by Wardcrafter or Elixir of Deflection. You can also summon Atronachs when you play the cards with this Attribute (High Rock Summoner).

In Control Decks this Attribute is one of the main. There are a lot of good AOEs (Ice Storm or Fire Storm) or point spells (Firebolt or Lightning Bolt) which help you to control the board. There are also some good Legendary cards like Indoril Archmage or Nahkriin, Dragon Priest that can help you to hold on the board too.

In Midrange decks you can also play cards with this Attribute. There are some good midrange decks with Ward synergy. Also you can sacrifice your own minions with Last Gasp (Cruel Firebloom + Brutal Ashlander).

You can also use the cards with Intelligence Attribute in Aggro decks. Dunmer Nightblade will give you an aggressive Item Steel Sword. You can also play 3 copies of Steel Sword in your deck.

On Arena this is the one of the strongest Attributes.

Intelligence Attribute is one of the components of four classes: Battlemage, Assassin, Mage and Sorcerer.

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