Strength TES Legends attribute

Strength is the Attribute which characterized by many buffs for a personal attack (constant effect like from Morkul Gatekeeper, or temporary like from Savage Ogre) of creatures and for attack of all friendly creatures (Ongoing effect like from Northwind Outpost or a passive buff like from Orc Clan Captain)  by the unique Summon bonus effects or aggressive Items.

There are a lot of Orcs cards in this Attribute and you can build decks basic from their synergy (Wood Orc Headhunter will have Charge if you have another friendly Orc). But now these decks are not so strong. Also there is a unique mechanic of returning creature to opponent’s hand (Belligerent Giant or Cast Out).

In Control decks this attribute is not so popular because of weak AOEs (Fireball or Burn and Pillage).

In Midrange decks this attribute is more popular than in Control. There are strong five and four-drops with Strength Attribute like Blood Dragon that can ignore everything on the board or like good Prophecy card Mountain Tyrant.

There are a lot of Aggro decks which use cards with this Attribute. First of all they are strong because of a lot of individual cheap Items like Steel Scimitar or Improvised Weapon. This Attribute has a lot of cards with keyword Charge (Battlerage Orc) that is good for Aggro decks  and it also has unique mechanic of doing damage to each player (Afflicted Alit).

On Arena cards with this Attribute is not so popular but you can collect a strong deck.

Strength Attribute is one of the components of four classes: Archer, Battlemage, Warrior and Crusader.

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