Willpower TES Legends attribute

Willpower is the Attribute which characterized by many cards with effect of increasing the power of the army by the might of it (Ongoing effect by Divine Fervor, buff from Fifth Legion Trainer after playing another creature) and its quantity (Scouting Patrol or Imperial Reinforcements). There are a lot of Willpower cards with Guard (cheap like Kvatch Soldier or expensive like Auroran Sentry). Mantikora is not only a big Guard, but it is a powerful removal card which can destroy an enemy creature. All Guards help you to play against Aggro decks.

In Control decks the cards with this Attribute are strong enough. There are some powerful AOEs (Dawn’s Wrath or Immolating Blast) which help you to control the board. Also there are strong Willpower Control cards with Prophecy like Piercing Javelin,which can destroy opponent’s creature, or Healing Potion, which can Heal yourself. There is also one strong Legendary card for Control decks. It is Miraak, Dragonborn, which can turn the game after stealing opponent’s creature. Also there is a great card Edict of Azura which can destroy enemy Support or creature.

In Midrange decks this Attribute is very important to create especially Token decks. It means that you can play a lot of creatures and give them all buffs(two Ongoing effects by Divine Fervor). You can also control the board playing combo Imprison + Imperial Reinforcements in Midrange Token decks.

In Aggro decks Willpower Attribute is not so important because of not aggressive early game cards.

On Arena Willpower cards are very strong because of a lot of powerful creatures.

Willpower Attribute is one of the components of four classes: Crusader, Mage, Monk and Spellsword.