Breakthrough TES Legends keyword

Breakthrough is one of the basic keywords in TES:Legends.When your creature with Breakthrough attacks opponent’s creature, excess damage deals to your opponent. For example if the Power of your card during the attack is 5, but the Health of opponent’s creature which you attack this turn is 3, you will deal difference two damage to your opponent (5-3=2). This bonus effect can be good enough when your opponent plays Guards. But usually creatures with Guard have more health than power of creature with Breakthrough. That’s why it is not the best keyword even for creatures with Charge.

Some Control decks can use late game cards with a lot of keywords including Breakthrough effect. Almost the only case of using this keyword in Control decks is from Iron Atronach because it already has 12 power and can not be destroyed by Actions.

The similar situation is with using Midrange decks. Tazkad the Packmaster is maybe the only card with Breakthrough effect which we can be activated in Midrange decks.

In Aggro decks sometimes this effect can be playable especially with charges (Rampaging Minotaur) or buffs (Improvised Weapon).

On Arena this effect is not an important and often useless.

There are a lot of cards with keyword Breakthrough with Strength and Endurance Attributes. Unfortunately this effect in most of them is useless. You can not build good combo Breakthrough decks because this word can be good for individual cards, not for multiple use, and those cards as usual will not win the game for you. If you get this keyword from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage you will not get a lot of value.

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