Charge TES Legends keyword

Charge  is the second basic keywords in TES:Legends. As you know the creature usually cannot attack before the start of the next turn after playing it.  But the creatures with keyword Charge attack at the same turn. This is very tempo keyword and it helps you to have good trades. They are especially good enough if your opponent is dominating on the board because you have plus one extra active creature on this turn. Sometimes (especially in aggro decks) creatures with Charge even can be used to finish the game.

Some people think that if you have an extra creature on your turn which can attack it will be good enough to control the game. But they are wrong. That’s why the creatures with keyword Charge are not playing in Control decks because they have an individual destination (attack the creature or opponent). To control the board you must play  the card better that gives you defence or mass effect for your opponents creatures.

In Midrange decks we can use cards with keyword Charge to hold on the board. But it is not good  enough to win the game because opponent can destroy this creature next turn. If he uses some cards to destroy our creature, we will get maximum value, like the value from Tazkad the Packmaster. So cards with  keyword Charge is not the main component of Midrange decks.

There are not so many cards with charges but most of them are good enough in Aggro decks (especially cards with Strength Attribute like Battlerage Orc or Rampaging Minotaur). You must deal fast damage to your opponent and charges is one of the best ways to do that.

On Arena creatures with charge are good.   

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