Drain TES Legends keyword

Drain is third basic keyword in TES:Legends. When you play creature or item with this keyword, you will gain as much health as inflicted damage by this Creature or Item on this turn. You can use this keyword when attack your opponent or his creatures. Thanks for Drain, the current health is more than 30. This fact (like this keyword generally) helps you to live more time. But sometimes you need to lose your Runes and draw cards. Then you do not need to use cards with Drain.

In Control decks you must need cards with healing effects. Sometimes to heal yourself you can use cards with special keyword Heal(for example Healing Potion). As usual this effect will trigger after you play Actions. That is why keyword Drain is more universal and you can even have cards in your deck with combine Prophecy+Drain effect. In this way you will get ahead of your opponent and will have a potential Heal next turn. So, every single Control deck must have cards with keyword Drain to live.

When you play Midrange decks, you must also keep tracking of your health. That’s why you can see cards with keyword Drain in most of Midrange decks.

You can see the opposite situation when you are playing Aggro decks. You will never see keyword Drain in Aggro decks.

On Arena the Drain effect is not so important like in Ranked mode. But sometimes this keyword can help you to trigger bonus to play cards from your hand with effect alignment of your life and the life of your opponent.

Willpower, Endurance and Agility Attributes has a lot of cards with keyword Drain. If you get this keyword from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage, you will potentially have some value.

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