Guard TES Legends keyword

Guard the fourth basic keyword in TES:Legends. Before attacking your opponent, you have to destroy all the creatures with Guard. Only after the opponent has lost all these creatures, you can inflict him damage. It is like a defense wall. When you Summon creatures with Guard on the Shadow line, they will not be hidden. But there are some cards in game which make a creature lose his Guard (Intimidate and Dread Clannfear) or even ignore this keyword (Blood Dragon).

In Control decks the creatures with keyword Guard are sometimes very important. These decks first of all include hard Legendary Creatures with some keywords (Iron Atronach has Guard+Breakthrough+Regenerate for example) and unique abilities. But sometimes Control decks have Prophecy cards with Guard, and these cards help to live more turns (Lurking Mummy).

In Midrange decks we can also see some cards with Guard or with double effect Prophecy+Guard (Fighters Guild Recruit). It helps to hold on the board and sometimes to live more turns before potential healing.

In Aggro decks we don’t need creatures with keyword Guard because we must always attack opponent to kill him as fast as we can.

On Arena creatures with Guard are not so important. But creatures with double keyword effect(Blacksap Protector) are good enough.

All Classes and Attributes have cards with keyword Guard. If you get this keyword from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage you will not have a lot of value as usual (especially if you don’t need to withdraw from the shadow your creatures).

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