Last Gasp TES Legends keyword

Last Gasp is one of the unique keywords in TES:Legends. If the creature or support with this keyword is destroyed, the bonus Last Gasp effect will be triggered. Last Gasp is unique for every card, it can be good (give some buffs, draws or bonus effects) or bad (give buff or bonus effect for your opponent) for player, it can influence the situation on the table or not. There is a 4/4 two-drop creature Mournhold Traitor which gives 2/1 creature with townt for your opponent when it dies. But it is not a debuff because of stats 4/4 of this creature. When your opponent destroys creatures like Deshaan Avenger, Sadras Agent or Tazkad the Packmaster, they will give you a Token. So it is hard to remove creatures with Last Gasp from the board. You can build a deck with a lot of Last Gasps and you can trigger them by Necrom Mastremind.

We can sometimes see creatures with keyword Last Gasp in Control decks. For example, Indoril Archmage after triggering Last Gasp will deal 6 damage to all enemy creature on his lane.

It is very important to have a lot of good cards with keyword Last Gasp for Midrange decks. You must do a lot of trades to control the board, and good Last Gasp effects help you to do that, especially if you play Midrange decks with Agility or Intelligence Attributes where all of Last Gasp effects are very strong.

This Keyword can also be playable in Aggro decks. Dunmer Nightblade will give you a Steel Sword and you can use it to buff the attack of your creature.

On Arena cards with this keyword are very much appreciated.  

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