Lethal TES Legends keyword

Lethal is the fifth basic keyword in TES:Legends. When the creature with keyword Lethal deals damage to opponent’s creature, opponent’s creature will die regardless of how many health it has. An exception is the situation when opponents creature has keyword Ward. In this situation it will lose the Ward but not die. There are not so many cards with keyword Lethal in the game. Skooma Racketeer or Daedric Dagger can give this keyword to another creature. There are some creatures with Lethal and unique abilities like Lucien Lachance or Archein Venomtongue and only one creature with Dual Attributes (Allena Benoch).

Keyword Lethal is good enough to control the situation on the board but because of the small number of creatures we cannot see many creatures with this keyword in Control decks. Allena Benoch is an exception because it is a good Creature to control ( at least it can kill 1 opponent’s creature) and can be used in Midrange decks too. So the same situation is with Midrange decks. The good card is Fighters Guild Recruit with Prophecy effect. As usual we use 3 copies of this card in Midrange decks and this card helps us to control the board despite the stats 1-2.

In Aggro decks we don’t need creatures with keyword Lethal even to pass from opponents Guards.

On Arena this effect is good enough and sometimes it will be perfect to get this keyword from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage. Only cards with Attributes Agility and Endurance have this keyword. Also card Allena Benoch has the Lethal effect. Good enough to combo plays but to do good combo plays there are not so many cards.

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