Meta-keywords: Transform, Heal, Move and Wounded

Transform, Heal, Move and Wounded are four actions which we can also call the keywords.

Transform is the unique ability which can completely change the the view and stats of the card. There is a legendary item Wabbajack (Neutral) which can transform a creature into another random creature. It can be fun and sometimes help you to come back to game with win conditions. There are 3 uses of this legendary item. Also there is an action Mummify (Attribute Endurance), which can transform a creature into the Mummy 2/2. It is also a Prophecy card. So we will never see this keyword in Aggro decks. In Arena it can be very good, in Control decks and Midrange decks sometimes it might be a good removal.

Heal – this ability like a Drain fills your health but you heal yourself without attacking. For Control mage there is a Prophecy card Healing Potion which gain you 5 health. This card is not bad there. But in Midrange decks and Aggro decks and in Arena it can be very bad. Dark Harvester is also bad.

Move is a very interesting ability. This word has some cards with Agility Attribute. You can move your creature to another line to do good trades or to hide it in the shadow line. Shadow Shift for 1 magicka is bad. Dune Stalker( has Prophecy) and Dune Smuggler (not only move but also gains +1/+1 for creature) are very good in Arena. The second one is good to play in Midrange decks.

Wounded – it means creatures with not full health. Some cards can destroy wounded creatures. So this word can be used in Control and Midrange decks. In Arena you can pick elements of combo (deal damage and destroy a wounded enemy).