Pilfer TES Legends keyword

Pilfer is the second unique keyword in TES:Legends. Your creature with this keyword will trigger the unique bonus Pilfer effect when it attacks only your opponent. Every card with Pilfer have the different bonuses. As usual it will be buffs of the creatures(Daring Cutpurse or Baandari Bruiser). Every single card from your deck can also get this Pilfer bonus from Support card Thieves’ Den that gives to friendly creatures Pilfer +1/+1. Sometimes keyword Pilfer can draw you a card (Rajhini Highwayman). Goblin Sculk will draw a card from your deck which costs 0 mana. Keyword Pilfer is very good in combo decks. Master of Thieves will give all friendly minions with Pilfer an opportunity to attack an additional time every turn. This bonus effect will give you a chance to trigger keyword Pilfer more times and to get more bonuses.

There are not so many cards with keyword Pilfer in the game. These are some cards with Willpower and Agility Attributes and their Dual Attributes.

Now Pilfer effect is not for Control decks because you must attack your opponent to trigger bonus. But this keyword is very important for Midrange decks with Agility and Willpower Attributes. Quin’rawl Burglar is a very strong Legendary Creature with Pilfer effect +4/+4 and Drain. You can see this card in every midrange deck with Agility Attribute.

This keyword is slow for Aggro decks despite the fact that the Pilfer effect is triggered after you attack an opponent.

On arena some cards with Pilfer can be very important to do your deck more stronger.

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