Prophecy TES Legends keyword

Prophecy is very important and unique keyword in TES:Legends. Cards with this keyword can break the game. If you destroy an enemy rune (after he loses every 5 health, maximum for 5 times) he will draw a card. If this card has keyword Prophecy, your opponent will play it for free. Cards with all of attributes have this keyword. Some cards with this keyword can deal damage (Lightning Bolt) or can have AOE effect (Fire Storm or Grahtwood Ambusher). Some cards can give you a guard for free (Fharun Defender or Mountain Tyrant) or even can destroy enemy creature (Piercing Javelin). Fate Weaver can even give you a chance to play two cards for free if you draw a Prophecy from it. Sometimes if you play cards with keyword Prophecy from your hand, the effect will not be so good if we played this cards for free. All attributes have cards with Prophecy.

Prophecy is a very important element of building Control decks. You can get an extra Heal, Guards, AOE effects, extra damage or draw etc that is very important to control the board and to live more turns.

In Midrange decks you must also have Prophecy cards to control the board and to have extra minions for good trades. Cloudrest Illusionist will give your opponents creature -4/-0 on his turn. If this creature has less than 5 power it will not attack that turn.

We can also see Prophecy cards in Aggro decks. Budget Aggro Battlemage has some cards that deal damage to all players. So we can find Lightning Bolt and deal extra 4 damage to opponent.

In arena it’s very important to have Prophecy cards.

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