Regenerate TES Legends keyword

Regenerate is the sixth basic keyword in TES:Legends. At the start of your turn the creature with keyword Regenerate fully heals itself. At first sight it is cool when your creature has eternal heal. But in practice if opponent want to kill your creature, he will not do it for two or more turns as usual. Also there is a mechanic of destroying Wounded creatures in game (action Finish Off or creature Leaflurker for example). That’s why chance for Wounded creature to live for the next turn is the lowest. Iron Atronach can be an exception because opponent cannot kill this legendary creature by Actions and this creature will regenerate itself every turn. Keyword Lethal is one the best ways to kill that guy.

In Control decks we will never see keyword Regenerate in more than one creature (the same Iron Atronach). Our creatures must do something and not wait for one turn, hopefully not die before our next turn starts.

In Midrange decks we don’t need to heal our creatures at the next turn because opponent will generally destroy them. So now there are no creatures with keyword Regenerate in Midrange decks.

In aggro decks we also don’t need the regeneration of our creatures because they don’t have so much health and will probably die before the start of next turn.

On Arena this keyword is not so bad. We can play Lowland Troll or Night Predator as big guys. But they are not good enough either.

Only some cards with Endurance Attribute have keyword Regenerate. And it is the worst keyword which you can get from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage.