Shackle TES Legends keyword

Shackle is a very interesting and strong enough keyword in TES:Legends. If you Shackle your opponent’s creature it will skip the next turn. Items, Creatures and Actions can Shackle enemy creatures. There is one Prophecy card with keyword Shackle (Shrieking Harpy). So it will Shackle opponent’s creatures even on his turn if he destroys your Rune and you draw this creature. We can find the keyword Shackle on cards with Agility, Endurance, Willpower, Intelligence and some neutral cards. Mace of Encumbrance is the only one Item which can Shuckle enemy creatures. It also gives your creatures buff +2/+1.

In Control decks we can see a powerful combo Winter’s Grasp (Shackle all enemy creatures) + Dres Tormentor (deals 3 damage to all enemy shackled creatures). This keyword is good to defence from opponents aggression. Also in Control decks we can play Red Bramman. It will Silence and Shackle all enemy creatures.

In Midrange decks this keyword is not so important. But we can play the cards which will Shackle opponents minions from the Prophecy. Also there is one strong combo Imprison + Imperial Reinforcements which can destroy enemy minion.

In Aggro decks we don’t need to Shackle our opponent, everything we need is to beat him as fast as possible.

On Arena cards with keyword Shackle is very good and sometimes helps you to trade with powerful opponents creatures in two turns. In Ranked mode we don’t play Giant Snake but on Arena it is good, especially when we get it from Wild Beastcaller .

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