Silence TES Legends keyword

Silence is a very important and strong keyword in TES:Legends. This keyword can remove all buffs, Items, keywords and abilities from your opponent’s creature. Now there are only four Creatures (Shadowfen Priest, Cursed Spectre, Red Bramman and Earthbone Spinner) which have this rare keyword and can Silence opponent’s creatures. Shadowfen Priest also can destroy an enemy Support. Cursed Spectre is a card with keyword Prophecy which means that we can sometimes play it for free.

Red Bramman is strong Control card which can both Silence opponents creatures and Shackle all of them. Earthbone Spinner also deals 1 damage to opponent’s creature before Silence. There is one Item with keyword Silence. It is Bone Bow that gives your creature +1/+0 and of course silences opponent’s creature. The only one Action with keyword Silence is Suppress. So we can see this keyword only on the cards with Endurance and Strength Attributes. Red Bramman has Dual Endurance and Intelligence Attributes.

Silence is good in Control decks. It is very important for Midrange decks. Sometimes people play Bone Bow in Aggro decks.

On Arena keyword Silence is always very strong. But Bone Bow and Suppress (if you find it from Smuggler’s Haul it will be good) for example are bad on Arena.

There are some cards which are immune to Silence. One of them is Adoring Fan. And Keeper of Whispers gives your other creatures invulnerability to Silence.

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