Summon TES Legends keyword

Summon  is the most frequent and unique keyword for creatures and items in TES:Legends. If you play a card with keyword Summon the bonus effect of this card will trigger right away.  Cards with all Attributes can have this keyword. Sometimes cards can have double Summon effect. This effect will trigger the second time after dying this creature( keyword Last Gasp). All Attributes in TES:Legends (Agility, Endurance, Willpower, Strength  and Intelligence) and Classes (cards with Dual Attributes) have cards with Summon effect. Rift Thane compares your health with opponent’s one and gives buffs. Queen Barenziah will give all other friendly creatures on this lane Guard. Ahnassi will steal all keywords from enemy creatures. Ayrenn's Chosen will draw a random action from your Discard pile. Merric-at-Aswala will equip all friendly creatures in this lane with a random Item. So as you can see every Summon effect is unique. It can be like individual effect (buff, debuff, destroy or give to target some keywords). It can also have mass effect (mass damage, mass Silence, mass buff etc).

In Control decks creatures must have unique Summon bonus effects. You can play Nahkriin, Dragon Priest and then for 0 mana you can play Odahviing. So for 10 mana you draw a card and deal 4 damage for all enemy creatures and you also have 2 creatures on the board.

In Midrange decks unique Summon effect is very important too. You can build a lot of combos. Unique Summon bonus effects of the cards  Wardcrafter will give your creature Ward and then High King Emeric will deal 2 damage for every your Ward etc.

In Aggro decks you can also use unique Summon effects to deal more damage to your opponent. This is the main keyword in Arena.