Ward TES Legends keyword

Ward is the seventh basic keyword in TES:Legends. If your creature with Ward gets damage from opponent, it will prevent it for the first time and lose a Ward. And the next attack will deal damage to this creature. It is one of the most powerful keywords because of the difficult trade with creatures which have Wards.

We can build a lot of combos with this keyword. Elixir of Deflection, Lesser Ward or Wardcrafter can give your creatures keyword Ward. High King Emeric will deal 2 damage for each Ward that your creatures have on the board.When Daggerfall Mage loses Ward, you will get a Tome of Alteration. When Breton Conjurer loses Ward, it will Summon Frost Atronach. When Shornhelm Champion loses Ward, it will gain +3/+3 etc. But when the health of your creature with Ward is 1, it is vulnerable to opponents Actions which deal -1/-1 for your creatures. So Breton Conjurer will be destroyed from Chaurus Reaper or Curse without summoning Frost Atronach.

In Control decks this keyword is not an important. But there are a lot of cards with keyword Ward which have attributes Endurance and Intelligence. So Midrange Sorcerer can be a very good combo deck with Ward synergy.

In aggro decks we can sometimes use Wardcrafter to give our charges one more time to attack opponent potentially.

On Arena it is a very strong keyword because you have to trade there to dominate on the board and win the game.

If you get keyword Ward from Mundus Stone or from Royal Sage, you will have a lot of value in every lines.

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