What is Meta Report and how it’s created?

Meta – is a snapshot of the current situation in the TES Legends ladder. It’s created from observation of multiple matches. Authors of meta reports are active players who also often analyze streams, forums and other sources. 

We can see a lot of decks during ladder climbing. But some of them can be more powerful and have better win rate. That is why that decks are getting more popular. The most popular are going to TIER1 decks. Players are going to massively play those decks or try to create decks that will beat the TIER1 decks (“break the meta”, as it’s told). TIER 1 is not the silver bullet deck, you can loose using it too. But it’s the most popular and hign winrate deck.

In meta we can see the Rock-Paper-Scissors system: one archetype should beat the another one, but will be beaten by third archetype. But this well-balanced system oftenly is being broken in strategical card games due to randomness nature of those games. That is why some good decks are going to be TIER2 decks. They can have a good win rate in ladder even against TIER1 decks, but winrate against one or several TIER1 deck is worse.

Even if you add one new card for you deck, it will be able to play much better. There are a lot of experiments in ladder now. Some good decks are going to have a good win rate but they can depend of good mulligan, presence of Ring of magicka and top decks. That is why they are going to be TIER3 decks because they are not so popular or very hard to play to have good win rate.

There are some interesting decks that can beaut only one archetype of deck or can be strong in current meta. But after changes in it the winrate of this deck will be less than 50 percent. Or maybe now they are not so strong but in future they will be able to be even tier 1 decks. That is why those decks are going to be TIER4 decks.

The distribution of TIERS is very relative because there are a lot of decks and even one card changes in decks can identify deck for another TIER.