Arena Simulator for TES Legends is here!

Another service was added to our toolset. It’s Arena Simulator. Key feature of our simulator is ability to select cards according to the cards you are getting in the game. So this is not just fun service to practice card picking, but analytical tool which will help to build proper deck when you actually go to the Arena.

Process looks like that:

  • You start Arena in TES Legends
  • Game provides you a choice of three cards
  • You open our service and input those cards
  • Service calculates all statistics and shows you proper deckbuilding statistics. Just hover mouse over the card to see transformation of the Curve and other parameters. Also, probabilities of keywords appearance are calculated.
  • After you pick the card, click on it and window with card selection will reappear, until you finish your Arena deck.

Soon we are going to implement expert assessments of each card for each class to help you with arena picks even more. So welcome to our Arena Simulator and good luck on the Arena!

Video guide about the service (in russian):