Banhammer tournament event finale

We have 16 finalists of December tournament event “Banhammer” supported by Bethesda

Two satellites of this event was finished. Now we have 16 participants of Super Final!

There were 30 registered players in first satelite
Congratulations to top 8:

  • Kusia_Kusmin
  • Angef
  • Omega_Massif
  • swddemon44
  • bone_lord
  • ArtyPlaza (winner)
  • EnemyPride (2nd place)

There were 20 registered players in 2nd satellite Royal Rumble!

Congratulations to qualified 8 players:

  • kostolomm
  • Valerycry
  • vovancho_
  • JSilver
  • GFalex
  • sirenqxx
  • lexatundra
  • FarEastRus

Best novice players (kord2546, tlen, kostollom and others) got codes for The Dark Brotherhood story.

Video from satellites you can watch on our youtube channel

The superfinal is coming soon. The winner of it will get 60 packs code. You can watch it on stream on the 24th of December on twitch channel .


Поздравляем 16 суперфиналистов! 24 декабря с задержкой 5 минут на твитч канале Аквамена пройдет суперфинал, в котором определится победитель и счастливый обладатель кода на 60 паков.