Pure-Blood Elder: monthly reward in August

August reward card is revealed. It’s Pure-Blood Elder. Here what developers write about it:

Card this month is very power hungry and willing to bargain to help her get what she wants. Molag Bal has gifted her with magicka to spare in addition to incredible prowess in combat and fortunately for you, she’s willing to share.

A bargain for just 7 magicka! An 8/8 is a huge body and if you manage to complete Pure-Blood Elder’s quest and reach 18 magicka, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a 16/16 Breakthrough, the largest individual creature in all of Elder Scrolls Legends!

Even without playing any cards that synergize with her, Pure-Blood Elder will double the max magicka you gain at the start of every turn, so you’ll be fast approaching that 18 magicka mark and generate a ton of value just for leaving her in play as long as possible. Things start to get really nasty when you combine her with other ramp effects such as Tree Minder, Hist Grove or Spine of Eldersblood. With all that magicka, you’ll be emptying your hand quickly and smashing for 16 in no time!

And what’s even better than doubling your magicka gains? Quadrupling them of course! Get two of this bloodsucker into play and instead of gaining 1 magicka, you’ll be gaining 4, and let’s not even mention what’ll happen if you manage to get all 3 copies into play. (Okay, we’ll mention it, you’ll be getting 8 magicka) Of course, with all that magicka, you’ll probably want some powerful cards to spend it on. I hear that Heroes of Skyrim might have a few high cost Dragons that might be worth investing in…

Hop into the ranked queue to claim your copies of Pure-Blood Elder!

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