The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood cards review PART 2: Endurance, Intelligence and Neutral

Let me introduce the Endurance, Intelligence and Neutral cards review of “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood”. This is a PART 2 of review. First part you can read here.

“The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” is the new story in TES:Legends which was released on March 5th. It costs 1000 gold for every part or 19,99€ for all parts of it. You will get 40 new cards in this expansion set.

Neutral cards (5):

Flesh Sculpture – just a fun card.

Shadowmere – good tempo card because of interesting mechanic of endless mixing of it with increasing their strength. It has Charge that is good for aggro and midrange decks. Not so good on Arena.

Knife to the Throat – can be playable in control decks like extra draw, slow on Arena, in midrange and aggro decks.

Gristlehide Dreugh – can be good like extra draw especially on Arena, but has not so good stats to be playable as well in midrange or control decks.

The Night Mother – interesting card with good quest reward but it is hard to release it even in control decks and on Arena, so it is a bad legendary Neutral Support.

Cards with Endurance Attribute (7):

Gravesinger – it has very powerful passive bonus effect especially for control decks with a lot of strong legendaries so it can be playable there and on Arena.

Little Girl – if your opponent do not remove this creature, he will have a lot of troubles because for 4 magicka 5-5 with Charge and Drain is a very strong effect. But it is easy to remove this card so it is very situational in midrange decks and on Arena.

Dark Guardian – good Guard in midrange and control decks and on Arena. Sometimes it can give you an extra draw.

Falkreath Defiler – it has a very strong Slay bonus which can be good in midrange decks or on Arena, maybe can be playable even in aggro decks to pick Charge creatures from the discard pile.

Wrath of Sithis – bad card in ranked mode because of stats but can be playable sometimes on Arena or in control decks.

Stalking Shadowscale – good card in midrange decks and very strong 3-drop on Arena, can be even playable in aggressive decks.

Cicero the Betrayer – very strong legendary creature on Arena and for midrange and control decks as a removal and extra draw.

Cards with Intelligence Attribute (7):

Stealer of Secrets – can be playable only in midrange decks with a lot of actions and unplayable on Arena.

Spear of Embers – bad Item because of stats.

Corsair Ship – it can be playable in aggressive decks because of its ongoing effect and maybe in midrange decks just for doing good trades, sometimes can have a lot of value on Arena.

Blood Sorceress – strong 1-drop for aggressive decks that can be like a finisher, also you can play it in midrange decks or ramp control decks, it can also be like a finisher on Arena.

Palace Conspirator  – bad card because of stats and bad effect of discarding one card to draw another.

Speaker Terenus – bad legendary creature because of stats and random effect but can be playable in control Mage with a lot of actions.

Daggers in the Dark – it is a good action only for aggressive decks, bad on Arena.