Chaos Arena of May launched in TES:Legends

Now the traditional event Chaos Arena of May is started. It is a party of random in the game on Arena. You will draft a usual deck there but then you will play games with different conditions. The traditional field line and shadow line will be changed. Also you and your opponent will get some bonuses at the start of your game. Sometimes you can get Wabbajack or Slaughterfish Spawning at the start of the game. Also it can be other creatures or support on the board.

There are a lot of different conditions of lines in Chaos Arena. These conditions can make your deck stronger. But you should have some luck. The conditions of the lines can be very different. For example:

  • If you play a card there, you will reduce the cost of one card from your hand by 1;
  • If you have more creatures there, you will deal 2 damage to your opponent at the start of your turn;
  • If you play a creature with Power 2 or less there, it will get a Ward;
  • If you play a creature with 4 or more Power there, you will draw a card;
  • If the creature you are playing is your own creature in this lane, you will get a copy of it.

Also you can get different keywords for your creatures after playing in some kinds of lines like Regenerate, Breakthrough or  Guard.

Every participant of this event will get guaranteed booster. You should play Chaos Arena and have a lot of fun.