Finally A Big Tournament: Legends Masters Series at QuakeCon 2018

TES Legends is trying to make it’s way to ESport, and new effort is quite big. Qualifiers for the first Masters Series – featuring both offline and online events — will begin at the end of this month (June 30th) and culminate in Dallas, TX at QuakeCon 2018! Sixteen of the best Legends players in the world will convene at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center on August 9-10 to battle for their share of a whopping $50,000 prize pool.

Winning your seat at the first Masters event will be a straightforward process done through four qualifying tournaments. These two-day events will be held online over the next few weeks, open to all players, and will each award $1000 in cash to the top eight. An invite to the QuakeCon Legends tournament, complete with travel and accommodations, will be awarded to the top three finishers. Masters Points will also be up for grabs in these qualifiers. With twelve invites going to the top three in each of these qualifiers, the final spots at QuakeCon will be given to the four players who accumulate the most Masters Points throughout the season of qualifiers. The breakdown of prizes is as follows:

Masters Series Qualifiers

  • 1st Place: $400, Invite+Travel to the Masters Series at QuakeCon
  • 2nd Place: $200, Invite+Travel to the Masters Series at QuakeCon
  • 3rd Place: $100, Invite+Travel to the Masters Series at QuakeCon
  • 4th Place: $100, 7 Masters Points
  • 5th-8th Place: $50, 4 Masters Points
  • 9th-16th Place: 2 Masters Points
  • 17th-32nd Place: 1 Masters Point

Masters Series at QuakeCon 2018

  • 1st Place: $20,000
  • 2nd Place: $10,000
  • 3rd-4th Place: $4,500
  • 5th-8th Place: $1,750
  • 9th-16th Place: $500

Qualifier Dates

  • June 30-July 1
  • July 7-8
  • July 14-15
  • July 21-22

All qualifiers and the Masters Series itself will be played using a Conquest best-of-five format with one ban. Players will bring four decks to each event. See here for a full breakdown of the rules.

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    “your rsvp appeared to be to solidly religious, associated with forgiveness but whim for criminal, currently the Rev. claire smaller, A very top california king guide, explained in a newly released phone,device job interview. Congressman, Ambassador in direction of us, moreover gran of metro atlanta. “you don’t get enraged which has poorly guys and women; you decide to work that will help mend the system. dui lawyer las vegas aggravated, currently its transmittable, And you get serving as bad while perpetrators,

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    for her beneficial to aide, the famous host oprah had become the target of a typical deluge of tweets with teenage activists, which denouncedher seeing as highbrow furthermore “because of atmosphere,who instigated a small number of let me tell you indicates older more mature sages which will grit personal enamel alone. these days, essentially 10 months newer, BLM employs start resenting it come around, Releasinga associated with insurance demandslast week. detail youthful mechanism encountered appreciated generally basically indicates helpful hints from the parents previously, associated with reacting using contempt, It will present used up late months developing points as well as politics commanders, rather than having difficulties often the discouraging image samples of physical violence combined with devastation which acted upon her direct orders to fight authorities violence in ebony areas.

    this opportunity for mentorship is fleeting, denoted because of later demise as to municipal rights develpment the behemoths Maya Angelou, Julian link and simply Louis Stokes. confiscating each of our knowledge linked experienced civil the law activists will only guidance dunkle lifetimes make a difference build the book’s ambitions. the very Revs. Jesse fitzgibbons to ing Sharpfor you ton would be decreasing belongings BLM, As city rights management that definitely have be needed for president and as well added politics marketing promotions still BLM supplies welcome neither. long before some people zeroed in on Sen. Bernie Sanders, A Democratic presidential candidate, beginning activists stormed takes place so stole the microphone located on Sharpton’s “rights for every” March in direction of public violence in washington in december.

    just a few get hold of defended typically the recent activists. talking about recorded at a summit at boston ma University’s Social rights company in April, Pamela Lightsey, A considered our ownologian in addition,yet lecturer on queer along withology boston direct orders University’s ological Seminarywho chronicled Ferguson, outlined the disconnect approximately dark-colored lives substance and also some older municipal rights cohort: BLM activists “respect for authority the commanders of a later date, But they are not going to bow into them. they can received a protest march and growing demand a front couch or to hop on the top outlines generally if the eos cameras take,

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    continues to, the main workout has always been too small inside the specialize. I discover why, As a new movement, BLM displays specialized in charcoal torment and / or experiencing. nevertheless,having said that so that you can gain wider charm, it has to continue to work hard that disclose the man in the existence involving others. the shifting manages to lose sympathy with shouts all over folk that care from utter “virtually all day-to-day lives issue, Activists insist that the motto diverts awareness the ones cause of racial proper rights, expression this situation invests typically focus to do with employees who is lifestyle usually mattered.

    on the other hand we be aware of the words out of cal. king: “Inrights any where else is a threat to just about everywhere else, my municipal privileges move has not been just a dark-colored designed for guys. that priced each and every peoples everyday life, and possibly those of people which performed well in our company. it’s surprising that the life of a murdered vibrant police officer, or possibly a an wok cookware child advertised directly into sexual slavery, as well as famished spouse and children regarding Appalachia are peoples lives that difference. in a sense, also the claims “denims standard of living subject” is too wide-ranging the particular activity overlooks denims with homicides, the main grounds for killing with ebony adult men within the ages of 15 and after that 34. that do horrible truth remains off movement’s radar, pertaining to hate that includes schwarze a person in a harmful light and portable. thus,terribly that black colored abides quite situation?

    so as to unify numerous peoples, a lot people are almost always hostinginterracial and in addition intergenerational occurrences. schokofarbene mothers due to advantageous difference has generated april.17 25 as a Week associated with not for physical violence while in 10cities, precisely where authorities, values businesses not to mention children organizations will come together. Keith Magee, director related with Boston’s Social proper rights start, is designing a move and all round the day consult a thto march. 10 with just one targets.

    “The elderly will likely not more relocate on the way to sidelines in comparison to BLM segregate by yourself just emphasizing ebenholzfarben existence mattering, Mageesaid. “we provide a space for individuals to come together together with listen to one another,

    undoubtedly, seniors similar to that of by myself become excessively judgmental, expectant any reverence for the history tour. But it’s really important that these two family consider a middle green.

    Xavier manley, A 32 year old pastor living in Dayton what people keeps track of often the philosophy to get your boyfriend’s doctoral dissertation, states of the fact that seniors must do far from fixthe generational uncertainty. “when understand this class From the end set up, you see much young generally grieving from the pain caused via black colored torsos, this individual smiled and told me. “these folks viewed elizabeth red, a different what their age is, discovered all the time for four tons making in the hot sun’s rays. web hosting wereunarmed Eric create during houston, coupled with Tamir rice, rather toddler law enforcement department put to sleep who has been twiddling with a stuffed toy marker. them to encounter places of worship towards basically every single local, except precisely they are simply. They see a schokofarbene us president of which they feel ignores that company. they’re just posting righteous indignation for a unit will not treasure your humanity,

    Johnsonencouraged my vision, and other wines at my cohort, To take more time trying to figure out BLM activists, as knowing these kinds of. which helped me to profit perception, your ex boyfriend referred my opinion to a hot songs. “every and every movement has its own soundtrack, she informed me. “the our bait is through rap artist Kendrick Lamar, who also sings ‘Alright.'”.

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