Forgotten Hero Collection: new expansion set for TES: Legends

Cards of the new expansion “Forgotten Hero Collection” are being revealed. We add some of them to our library ASAP. Here is original description of expansion:

“Drip, drip, drip. Memory melts. I’ve futilely tried to freeze what I can, but what is Forgotten cannot be recalled. Only drips, glimpses of stories untold, remain. Memory melts into legend, but legend never dies.” – Kellen

Available Thursday, February 1 for USD $9.99 or 1,500 Gold, the Forgotten Hero Collection includes 12 new collectible cards, including three unique legendaries, three epics, and six rares.

When you purchase the Forgotten Hero Collection, you’ll receive one copy of each Unique card and 3 copies of each other card in the set. Like the stories behind these cards, much of the set will have to go untold for today, but we can provide a few glimpses.