Houses of Morrowind: new TES Legends expansion

As you may noticed, new cards are starting to show up in our library. It’s spoilers for new Expansion Set “Houses of Morrowind” which will be released on March 29 and will contain 149 new cards. It’s based on characters of original The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, so dear for fans’ hearts.

3 attributes and bigger decks

Normally, a deck in Legends can only contain up to two attributes (or as they’re sometimes colloquially referred to, “colors”). But Houses of Morrowind contains a handful of powerful new three-attribute cards that let you break that fundamental rule.

Here’s how it works: When you put a three-attribute card like Dagoth Ur in your deck, you unlock the ability to use cards from all three of its attributes in that deck. Ever wanted to equip Tazkad with a Sentinel Battlemace? How about using Laaneth to fetch a timely Allena Benoch? In a Dagoth deck, you can. In exchange, you must include at least 75 cards in your deck. You may not play with cards of any other attributes.

“But I thought the maximum deck size was 70?” Well, this is Morrowind – where new things are always possible! With the release of Houses of Morrowind, the maximum deck size is being raised to 100 for not just three-attribute one, but all decks.

Houses of Morrowind includes cards for five of the ten possible three-attribute sets, each representing one of the major Houses, or factions, in Vvardenfell.

Here is the list of Morrowind fractions, which may be also named “new 3-attribute classes”:

  • House RedoranStrengthWillpower and Endurance. Special House keyword is Rally: “Whenever a Rally creature attacks, it gives a random creature in your hand +1/+1.”
  • House TelvanniIntelligence, Agility, and Endurance. Special House keyword is Betray: “After you play this action, you may sacrifice a creature to play it again”(Sadly, you can only do this once per action, even if you have a whole army of creatures you would happily double-cross.)
  • House HlaaluStrengthWillpower and Agility. Special House keyword is Plot: Plot abilities trigger if you’ve played another card that tur
  • The Tribunal TempleIntelligence, Willpower, Endurance. Special House keyword is Exalt: Exalt offers a creature a bonus if you pay more magicka for it.
  • House DagothStrength, Intelligence, Agility. There is no Special House keyword, but Ash Creatures belonging to this House will reward you for having creatures with 5 or more power.

More new stuff to come

Rest assured, this is just the proverbial first step off the boat. Houses of Morrowind is packed with cool cards that promise to shake up Legends in a big way. Even if you decide not to swear allegiance to one of the houses by playing a tri-attribute deck, we think you’ll find plenty to explore and some new favorite cards for your existing decks. Stay tuned to your favorite content creators in the coming weeks for more reveals!

And here is our video review of upcoming Expansion Set (in russian):