January 2018 reward: Pack Leader

Pack Leader introduces a new kind of Pilfer card to the Elder Scrolls Legends – one that creates an entirely new creature whenever it hits. This ability is pretty powerful by itself, giving you more creatures to work with, but it gets even better if you can keep the Pack Leader around long enough to use the Young Wolves she makes. Under her tutelage they’ll be 2/2s, much more capable of trading with opposing creatures. Despite what you may have learned from nature shows, Pack Leaders can even play cooperatively, and if you manage to get two into play at the same time, they’ll both buff each other to 5/5, and create mighty 3/3s with every Pilfering hit!

Pack Leader also has obvious synergy with other Wolf cards that currently exist. She and her pack will be powered up by your Alpha Wolves, and can definitely supercharge your Wolf Cage activations, making Uncaged Wolves quite big indeed. But of course, there are some more tricky synergies available to you as well should you choose to employ the Pack Leader. You can pair her with the Master of Thieves to double up on Pilfers, or the Skooma Underboss to turn her powerful Pilfer ability into a Slay one. She also fits nicely into any kind of go-wide strategy, creating a fresh body to be augmented by Divine Fervors and Fifth Legion Trainers every turn she connects.

No matter how you choose to grow your pack, jump into the ranked queue this month to earn your copies of Pack Leader in January!