Morrowind expansion release delay and Puzzles

Release date of Morrowind Houses expansion was delayed by April 5th according to the official Bethesda sources.

Also, there is a new type of solo content is planned for the release: Puzzles. Puzzles are preset scenarios where the player must beat the puzzle within the given parameters such as winning the game within a single turn. There will be three sets of 10 puzzles each: Caius’ TrainingNaryu’s Challenges, and Divayth Fyr’s Trials. Caius’ Training will be free to all players while Naryu’s Challenges and Divayth Fyr’s Trials will be available for purchase in the store for $9.99 or 1500 gold each on April 5 with the launch of Houses of Morrowind.

Completing the 10 puzzles in a set will reward you with 5 Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems, and a special card back unique to that puzzle set!