Official TESL Announcement: Morrowind comes to Arena

Houses of Morrowind is almost here and as you’ve no doubt heard by now, it’ll bring some big changes to the game – including, for the first time, allowing three-attribute decks!

Lots of people have asked us, “How will this affect Arena?” We think the answer is: Arena will be more fun than ever before. Here’s why:

Seeing Triple

To answer the most obvious question: Yes, you will be able to draft the three-attribute factions in Arena!

Three-attribute houses will be presented to you just like the two-attribute classes, expanding the number of possible options from 10 to 15. And to make sure that everyone gets in on the fun, we’re guaranteeing that you will be offered at least one three-attribute faction every time you buy into Arena.

Normally, using three attributes forces you to use a larger deck. But in Arena, that won’t be true — you’ll still just pick 30 cards. The reason for this is pretty simple: When you have every card in your collection at your disposal, having access to a third attribute is very powerful, because it means you get to include the best cards of that attribute — you’re getting to select cards from a wider pool. In Arena, that isn’t true, and we decided it was better to keep the draft length the same.

A Whole New Landscape

In Morrowind, each House has its own unique theme. For example, House Redoran has the new Rally mechanic which increases the power of cards in hand. Rally can be especially powerful when drafted with creatures that care about their power.

House Hlaalu’s Plot mechanic meanwhile, requires you to play another card to unlock the ability, so you’ll have to draft inexpensive cards to turn it on. And there’s nothing saying the Houses can’t help each other out from time to time…

With many new things to do, we’re excited to rollout some new changes for Arena. Beginning with the launch of Houses of Morrowind, we’re reducing the number of cards and expansions in the Arena draft pool. We think this is a great opportunity to keep Arena fresh with a renewed focus on newer card sets and mechanics.

The following sets will rotate out of Versus Arena, Solo Arena, and Chaos Arena with the introduction of Morrowind:

  • The Dark Brotherhood
  • The Madhouse Collection
  • Heroes of Skyrim
  • 2016 – 2017 Monthly cards

Cards available for draft in Arena:

  • Core Set
  • The Forgotten Hero Collection
  • Return to Clockwork City (at an increased frequency)
  • Houses of Morrowind (at an increased frequency)
  • 2018 Monthly cards

As mentioned above, we’ll be monitoring these changes closely so feel free to give us your feedback and thoughts! We can’t wait for you to jump into the Arena when Houses of Morrowind launches April 5!