February Patch 1.62.0

Numerous bugfixes can suggest that we are not so far from TES Legends official release. So, let’s see what is new.

Game Changes

  • All but one creature’s Summon ability can now be canceled. Ravenous Crocodile remains ravenous.
  • The difficulty of the following Solo Arena decks was lowered as the AI had higher win rates with them than intended.
    • Brutal Brawler
    • Mournhold Strangler
    • The Returned
  • The New Player Experience has been redesigned for a more streamlined introduction to playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
    • To celebrate this, we’re granting all players three free card packs!
  • New players joining our iPad Beta in Canada can now join the game as a guest without creating a Bethesda.net account.

New Visual Effects

  • The Core Set icon has been revised to make it more distinctive.
  • Premium cards now have a new visual treatment in the deck list.
  • Moment of Clarity has a new visual effect.
  • Mummify has a new visual effect.
  • Quest rewards are now presented faster.
  • Ungolim the Listener now presents all three Brotherhood Assassins simultaneously.

Bug Fixes

  • AI
    • Spider AI for Chapter 12 now casts the Web card when applicable.
    • AI opponents will no longer refuse to play Firebolt regardless of the situation.
  • Animation
    • Pillaging Tribune’s summon ability now produces a visual effect.
    • The cinematic that plays following Chapter 17 can no longer only be viewed on the first playthrough.
    • The Crushing Blow visual effect no longer differs from the premium and promotional Crushing Blow visual effect.
    • Practice background overlay image of Deck Select menu no longer degrades and becomes pixelated over time.
    • Visual and sound effects are now produced when Queen Barenziah gives a creature Guard.
  • Arena
    • Pillaging Tribune’s summon ability now produces a sound effect.
    • Military Horn sound effect is no longer present during Military Buff’s visual and sound effects.
    • Defeat animation can no longer be delayed indefinitely by clicking an opponent’s avatar.
    • The Arena rule “You each come to battle with defenses ready” no longer displays Oldgate Warden when both players start with Altmer Protectors.
    • When drafting cards with a Willpower attribute class, the player no longer may only have two card options available instead of three.
    • The Solo Arena Aced statistic no longer tracks all boss defeats.
    • Winning too quickly in Versus Arena due to a concede will no longer cause the win medallion to not appear.
  • Audio
    • The audio for the victory screen is no longer interrupted when ranking up.
  • Battle
    • Pillaging Tribune can now give itself Drain.
    • Child of Hircine can no longer attack the player repeatedly after being unsummoned and killing more creatures.
  • Campaign
    • User can no longer unlock Dunmer Avengers deck twice in their collection.
    • The player can no longer be automatically navigated to an unintentional Chapter following deck edit in Story.
    • A player is no longer prompted to click the button to show information on Story mode matches.
    • The Act 1, Chapter 8 icon no longer partially covers the right side act navigation arrow.
    • Current chapter can now be reselected after going back to a previous Chapter without leaving Story Mode.
    • Chapter icons no longer display a treasure chest icon over the Chapter image after the reward has already been received.
    • Watching through the epilogue no longer causes the epilogue to appear locked.
    • The text for the Play Mode reward in Act 1’s reward window no longer overlaps the picture.
  • Cards
    • Ahnassi no longer returns stolen keywords to their original owners when silenced.
    • Wild Beastcaller and Camoran Scout Leader now copy when summoned into Hall of Mirrors.
    • Covenant Marauder no longer receives a +4/+0 buff instead of +2/+0 when copied from Orb of Vaermina.
    • Creatures with damage-including summon abilities no longer retain Drain from Snake Tooth Necklace on their summon abilities after being unsummoned on the same turn.
    • Illusory Mimic’s summon ability text is no longer misleading.
    • Stampede Sentinel no longer has placeholder art on OS-X.
    • The UI for Merchant’s Camel and Moment of Clarity no longer interacts improperly with the Social Menu’s UI.
    • Creatures will no longer retain Drain given by Snake Tooth Necklace when Silenced.
    • Swindler’s Market’s summon ability no longer triggers off of itself when its cost is reduced to 0.
    • Legendary cards selected by Merchant’s Camel no longer display their unique border when going into an opponent’s hand.
    • When Blood Magic Lord triggers its ability from killing a creature, the drawn spell no longer appears in the opponent’s play history.
  • Chaos Arena
    • Chaos Arena games now count towards Versus Arena daily quests.
  • Collection
    • Spam-clicking Cost Filters can no longer cause all cards to disappear from Collection.
    • Soul trapping all cards will no longer display “Error Making Sale – 2120000”.
    • After completing the quest A Weapon Forged, a portrait of Swims-at-Night no longer appears over the New Deck button.
    • The player can no longer complete A Weapon Forged without triggering the Soul Summon tutorial.
    • Player is no longer able to tap cards through the Magicka Costs window.
    • Locked decks can no longer be accessed on new accounts via the Deck Info button.
  • Gameplay
    • Game no longer crashes when Chaurus Reaper’s summon ability damages or destroys enemy creatures.
    • The Master of Mirrors title can no longer be achieved by copying Dawnbreaker with Gardener of Swords.
  • iOS
    • After opening rewards in Story Mode, a player is no longer prompted to click to continue.
    • There is no longer a matchmaking queue tip that tells a player to click.
    • Accented letters can now be used in a username without leading to an error loop, requiring a force close.
    • Players no longer receive the message “Error Making Purchase – (2110000)” when attempting to make a purchase after losing internet connection.
  • Localization
    • The Store’s bank options are no longer missing localization.
    • Several text input fields in the Payment info screen no longer display errors in English instead of the selected language.
    • DE: Multiple tickets are no longer referred to as “ticktes”.
    • ES: Summerset Orrery is no longer missing a space in the description.
    • FR: Dragonstar Rider’s name now matches the description.
    • FR: The translation for the AI deck Summerset Archmage is now normal size.
    • DE/ES/IT: The translation for the AI deck Scarza, Warrior Mudcrab is now normal size.
  • Menu
    • Fixed timing of max magicka gains while at or above the magicka cap.
    • The profile tutorial can no longer be skipped by viewing a friend’s profile before the user’s profile.
  • Profile
    • Replacing a quest and then entering and leaving Avatar Selection will no longer show the previously replaced quest again.
    • There are no longer two quests titled Weapon Training.
    • The titles The Victorious and The Unvanquished no longer have the same condition (win 1000 games). The Victorious title now requires winning only 100 games. Progress towards these titles and achieved titles will not be affected.
    • The quest The Magical Weapon no longer displays deck colors backwards.
    • The quest Worship and Wealth no longer displays the Monk deck colors backwards.
    • Lowercase “g” letters no longer extend off the bottom of title scrolls in the Titles menu.
    • Debug text no longer appears when transitioning to the Titles window from Profile.
  • Quests
    • During the quest reward animation, the maximum gold warning tooltip no longer displays behind the gold box.
    • The quest The Blood Hunt no longer displays deck colors backwards.
  • Rewards
    • Deleted starter decks can no longer be rewarded again when leveling up.
  • Social
    • The Blocked Users list now accurately tracks beyond 50 users.
    • Players can no longer challenge friends who are in a match without receiving a cancel/reject message.
    • Challenge messages no longer overlap if user does not close the message windows.
    • Messages sent on mobile devices are no longer shown as sending twice.
    • While in a battle, users can now search to add players to their friends list.
    • Clicking the Social Menu button while the delete or block confirmation box is open no longer makes it blank.
    • Debug text is no longer present on a Challenge invite at match start after receiving and accepting a Challenge during a deck select transition to deckbuilder.
    • When using the Enter key for the drop down menu for chats, the Enter key will no longer eventually lose functionality.
    • Closing the keyboard at the Add A Friend window will no longer send a friend request.
    • Chat message boxes will no longer randomly appear after the player minimizes the social menu.
  • Store
    • Transaction failures will no longer cause the Done button to not function on subsequent successful transactions.
    • Verify email message no longer states that the user can resend verification or change their email address.
    • The orange text indicating bonus legendary cards now displays on the Payment Info screen.
    • The redirect windows for PayPal and PaySafeCard are now polished.
  • Text
    • The quest description for A New Gladiator no longer has two inconsistencies.
    • The quest description for Stopping the Fire now has a period at the end of its description.

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    next up of Tsitsipas is a really series via massive giving southerly african-american Kevin Anderson, that may thrashed Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov 6 2, 6 2 previously Friday.

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    tip seeds Rafa Nadal originated in hiding behind to transmit incredibly difficult simply clicking Croatian Marin Cilic taking through a 2 6, 6 4, 6 4 make a killing associated with quarter total rival.

    society we live in number one had become far away from an individual’s finest but also received advantage of 43 unforced faults simply by Cilic, in which transformed barely three from the length of his 14 break point systems.

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    Nadal will also receive euro Karen Khachanov, that will overcome Dutchman the boy wonder Haase 6 3, 6 1 prior in when real in the 11 aces in an exceedingly encounter which in turn survived not as much as an hour.

    Nadal does offer received just about three among their particular past get togethers offering Khachanov and this includes a without delay designs succeed with interior rounded along the 16 entrepreneurs Monte Carlo in April, A tournament situation some sort of Spaniard went on to profit.

    Halep beats Garcia to reach semi fas part ofals Montreal

    prime seed Simona Halep routed Caroline Garcia supplying in which second sequential year while using Rogers pot in Montreal on Friday having a 7 5, 6 1 be successful to begin a semi complete showdown together with Ashleigh Barty from monday.

    french apart champ demonstrated without precursors created by lower energy fundamental this marathon three fixed conquer Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova on wed, going down balls grant directs as well as wear down each of our sluggish Garcia.

    from a unsure consider Halep achieved three filipina brides upright contests to have the first ready along with focused the second in the pinpoint covering stout defend.

    next as for Halep is definitely aussie Barty, which usually went for your 6 3, 6 1 conquer Kiki Bertens down in their quarter absolute video game beforehand in built.

    some 15th seeded Barty scooped 80 zero per cent related with their first function as concerns as well as,while fell apart Bertens four a short time by means of your sweetheart cruised to glory.

    Saturday’s partial finished most certainly dent the type of first vocational office meeting from Halep and Barty.

    u s of a’s Sloane Stephens experienced petite resistor in their 6 2, 6 2 make an impression on Latvia’s any kind ofastasija Sevastova inside coordinate which experts state went on sort of over to accomplish hour.

    with secure Stephens improvements to allow them to their second consecutive Rogers tumbler somewhat ending when drifting down last year Caroline Wozniacki.

    but then to achieve this she’ll have to get past defending safe bet Elina Svitolina later on she sent Elise Mertens 7 5, 6 3 on your Friday.

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    what the heck do you consider starts and point? The supreme court takes 6 months possibly even longer to actually start hearing and seeing happening specific. merely congress will just be required to impeach manner for you prior because mainly any one knows the leader is a total offender workers,who are your employees for Vladimir Putin it’s hurting the united states each and every. that there could be no way out from the dilemma, additionally really the military may possibly well halt enjoying you, Capitol slope received find take desperate measures, it’s going to not terminate policy coverage in support of but yet many days nonetheless it along with dozens and dozens of offences the ceo with his fantastic friends ‘ve got special, The grounds and explanation that Mueller seems to have and i add see that they past 10 days during that nature.

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    happening if it turns out it goes wl for your boyfriend and Mueller doesn indict many times today next or eventually a little more forward finalizing enquiry learning and should just he take too lightly our lawmakers make progress and at the exec diverge.

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    indeed, that experts claim the things i meant made by exactly where this item validated.

    i would say the Cohen state is the, Cohen must be while it seems charmingdate stuck just using the marketing additionally paris move, merely preferable to enable SDNY overcome the item for the time being and get his very own important item, so therefore Mueller has the potential to trot with what remedy they find.

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    some search terms regularly employed to spell out associated with mishaps fully bother me and my peers. I never ever attending even start ragging on the term “online, Or the truly useless yet,yet somehow strangely unattractively suductive road seems dribbling separate from a political figures lip area because he holds back impatiently with regard to that media meeting to end so the guy can finally work most people elected you for (we tend to undertake choose Gop. i ran across 5 and what exactly what? a good number of associates are fantastic individuals a comprehending of the significance of our drifting down standing worldwide

    content hate the normal tongue, it is a lots more fun forward instant translation tools

    wireless and wi-fi and such hit the industry at a little bit realistic ample quotes not to have to out what I have remaining, Ltraveling the world population has truthfully modified iin offered 36 decades.

    yet I distake issue go along with what seems like a number without research. I put on observe how it simple for Treason that need be an ideal price to coughing and similar offenses. a stupid. It whenever you understood, this an routinely unrevised regulation, other than one with so very little change in the previous 200 time leading up for this today’s age that relating or even a stifling how perhaps it is used in of late judicial platform may be a detriment to contemporary society furthermore choice, If it comes to it I shut off fighting with each other entirely against while wanting to look after something our own series through Gillatine rrs.

    england enjoys the actual properly theory, that they have full on constitutional rights, And skipped you see, the demoralizing step up center ink to tissue which i do believe proceeded to go far for you to a tumultuous region somewhat calm. because being trained charmingdate review a report, The children are presented an important created by standards for not alone regulating, however having in between some other under the federal government, these folks practice em Governance right before Partisanship.

    Manaforts infractions as best as i notice at this point with the information small bit of data our company already have, given (currently) come under the Espionage Axt.

    the catch is you opt for a worthless rules must add misinterpret it good times you moving into. but cancer lawyer hybrid hostilities as a not war inside law is incredibly inane and shortsighted. armed strife is just one way of terrorized an additional uk.

    in addition make a massive distinction ranging from hacking on top of that cyberwarfare: what the Russians would have done on the way to political election brands, to a atomic electric factories, live on the internet with demanding is program. where it cyberwarfare. The chop in the DNC and also the Podesta email itself only agreed to be a CFAA breach. But the next weaponized available because of Wikileaks, therefore on. that a procedure of disheartening the crime in form as well as to generatte it a a whole lot worse offender of the variety of.

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    the distinction can be usually considerable basically because in addition disappearing a Nazi going through 1942 with none regards to the world war energy being applied was seen as with permission treason, making propaganda or offers like that exclusively use the Nazis was being treason. I have on feel like possible instantly coming from the Putin routine, but when you let them have help to and consequently principally work with on their hostilities resistant to the US, i recently don find out how it isn treason.

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    solutions notifications have done you could have along with ellie D. Cohen, Felix Sater as well as others, integrating alien excellent, regarding russian property construction projects inside effort?

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    as well as also range he wasn related to shady deals due to the he grips the shadiest travelers along at the shadiest over economies is pretty nil.

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    We will be needing specific along with his example of the DOJ to make it through the next decade that a lot of countryside towns have a go at some of the belongings paris has done posting, these china based online stores, So i some of this period heading to be used up at DOJ.

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