TES Legends Patch 1.59.3

Bugs Fixed

  • End of Season – Problems with the end of season properly rolling over have been fixed
  • Legend Matchmaking – Issues with Legend matchmaking have been addressed
  • End of Game – Losing player’s avatar properly “explodes” now
  • Hanging Card – First card played will no longer hang in the air (this was happening on lower end / slower internet connections)
  • Hist Grove – Now properly appears in play with its correct artwork
  • Sell Back –Correct version of the card properly displays in the Sell Back window when eligible for Sell Back
  • Goldbrand – Goldbrand will no longer appear in packs
  • Social – Fixed bugs related to adding blocked users
  • Cards in Hand – Scrubbing through cards in hand has been fixed
  • Stonetooth Scrapper – The premium version of this card has had its art restored
  • Prophecy Cards — Now properly play to playmat instead of moving back to the prophecy zone

Balance Changes

Rarity Swaps

To Rare: Intimidate, Fiery Imp, Evermore Steward, Shrieking Harpy, Blacksap Protector
To Common: Valenwood Huntsman,Valenwood Trapper, Fortress Watchman, Niben Bay Cutthroat, Farsight Nereid, Voracious Spriggan

Reason: In order to continue improving the Arena experience, we are changing rarities on some low-rarity cards. The goal is greater class diversity in Arena, where Intelligence and Agility are currently overrepresented, and Strength is underrepresented.

Shocking Wamasu: Now deals damage to enemy creatures only, instead of creatures or the enemy player.

Reason: This change is meant to reduce the incidence of Intelligence decks dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy player in one turn, and to increase the number of interactive games.

Mantikora: Now kills an enemy creature in the same lane as Mantikora, instead of either lane.

Reason: Mantikora is one of the most dominant high-cost cards, and is capable of stabilizing the board even if the enemy spreads their forces out. This change is meant to increase counterplay against Mantikora, while making it less likely that a Mantikora can completely halt the enemy offense.