TES Legends Patch 1.67

Patch is live, all modofications are mostly cosmetic. Important note for Russian players – login ploblems are resolved!

New Notification Tray

  • Notifications are no longer displayed as messages when you login. An icon at the lower left of the main landing screen lights up when you have one or more Notifications to review. Selecting this opens a list where you can review or dismiss each message.

New Deck Button

  • The New Deck button is now more visible when selecting a deck from the list.

New Options Settings

  • The Options button now leads to Settings tabs for Video, Audio, and the new Preferences. You can opt out of Spectator Mode completely on the Preferences tab.


  • Alduin – Now enters play in style with a unique VFX for his “destroy all creatures” ability.
  • Lute – Now grants its wielder an ongoing musical VFX.

Solo Arena

  • Ambush Scenario – Three-cost creatures can no longer get the drop on you.


  • Fall of the Dark Brotherhood: Difficulty has been reduced on select games.

General Bug Fixes

  • Shouts – Animations for Shouts no longer block players from taking other actions.
  • Turn Timer – Improvements were made to the turn timer to reduce instances of animations cutting into an opponent’s turn.
  • Many cards have had Gameplay, Audio, Translation, and VFX errors fixed.

Localized Support

  • Resolved login issues for Russian players.