The Elder Scrolls: Legends Balance Patch 1.59.7


  • When playing Earthbone Spinner, Shadowfen Priest, or Cursed Spectre, tapping on the card will no longer cancel its summon ability.
  • Addressed performance and stability issues with lower-end iPads
  • Creating an account in Russian, Mexican Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese should no longer give an error message.
  • Militant Chieftain no longer appears as a string of random characters.
  • Dawnbreaker and The Monster Hunter titles are now incrementing correctly.
  • Master of Thieves effect will no longer persist for one turn after a thieves den is destroyed.
  • For a full list of bug fixes please review our latest Letter from the Devs.


Chat is implemented for PC players but only in Beta Test form. iPad users may get chat messages from PC players but the feature is not yet supported and you will not be able to send messages.
The Russian language and store is implemented. You can change your language in the launcher settings.


Deckbuilder: Soul Trapping all of a card added and removed from a deck will show “unowned” without Soul Sight on
In-App Registration: Users don’t receive error message for invalid fields


  • Wrothgar Artisan: Changed from 2/2 to 2/3
  • Allena Benoch: Can now damage anything, not just enemy creatures
  • Volendrung: Gained Breakthrough
  • Morkul Gatekeeper: Gained Prophecy. These cards will trigger Sell Back (Users will receive full value back when using Soul Trap option for the cards below)
  • Twilight Werebat: Changed from 4/3 to 4/2
  • Moonlight Werebat: Changed from 4/3 to 4/2
  • Brilliant Experiment: Changed from 2 cost to 3 cost
  • House Kinsman: Changed from 3/3 to 3/2
  • Elusive Schemer: Changed from 4/1 to 3/1
  • Divine Fervor: Changed from 4 cost to 5 cost
  • Tazkad the Packmaster: Changed from 8 cost to 9 cost
  • Dunmer Nightblade: Gives Iron Sword instead of Steel Sword
  • Apprentice’s Potion: Changed from 1 cost to 2 cost
  • Healing Potion: Changed from 1 cost to 2 cost.
  • Nahkriin, Dragon Priest: Changed from 10 to 9 cost and text changed to “Summon: Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0.