Return to Clockwork City: impression after 19 revealed cards

New creatures types and new mechanics of cards seems pretty interesting. But it is hard to make expert opinion before all cards will be revealed.

Treasure Hunt is an interesting keyword. If you want to get treasure bonuses you should draw cards with the rules of  current hunting. Sometimes it will be a hard goal.

Relic Hunter is a good 2-drop with this mechanic because it is not so hard to draw one Item.

To finish goal from Ratway Prospector you should find 3 different cards: Action, Item and Support. Treasure Map should help us but it will be hard for Ratway Prospector to stay alive before finding all goals.

New creature type Fabricant will have one condition to obtain bonus effect: you should play Neutral creatures and have them on your board.

Kagouti Fabricant can have cool stats: 2 3-3 creatures for 4 magicka, Hulking Fabricant can be 8-8 for 5 magicka, Nix-Hound Fabricant can Shackle opponent’s creatures etc. But you should play neutral cards before. It is an interesting mechanic especially for tempo decks.

New creature type Factotum has its own keyword Assemble. This new mechanic makes it possible to give buffs for all creatures of this type by choosing of the buffs method. The upgrade will be available for Factotums in hand, in deck and on field if the creature with Assemble is alive. Assembled Sanitizer will give you to choose for assemble +2/+0 or Lethal. You will get interesting buff from Assembled Titan. This creature can give 2 of 4 different buffs from your choice: +2/+0, +0/+2, deal 2 damage to opponent or gain 2 health. To answer the question about making this mechanic playable we should see all Factotums.

Laaneth has an interesting mechanic of drawing any card from your deck. It makes possible new combos, it makes possible to get answer for the current situation and it makes possible to stay alive sometimes.

Memory Wraith will Banish your opponent’s discard pile. It is a strong summon effect because after timely playing it can destroy combos from Journey from Sovngarde, it can debuff Soul Tear etc. Also it has good stats for 5 drop.

Mecinar also has new mechanic. It stitch together top creatures from your and opponent’s decks. Paarthurnax + Tazkad the Packmaster = 12-cost creature 15/15 with Charge and Breakthrough and summon effect of giving you three 0-cost random shouts. Strong effect but card is slow. 4/4 for 8 magicka.

Galyn the Shelterer has new mechanic too. You can choose Item or creature in your hand and add 3 copies of it to your deck with +3/+3 buffs. It will give you chance to make new combos and decks with this 3-drop Legendary card.  

We will also get powerful Neutral Clockwork Dragon with choosing mechanic and late game Dwemer Dwarven Colossus and other interesting cards. There are no super strong overpowered cards but all of them are pretty interesting and strong enough.

The new story Return to the Clockwork City will be available on the November the 30th.