Royal Rumble tournament goes on!

Welcome to Royal Rumble tournament this week! Registration is open! Who will be the last 8 participants for grand final of November tournament event?

The first satelite “Singleton 70” was finished. Congratulations 8 best players qualified for superfinan: ItsMotz, PicoleDexuxu, SirenQx, angef, superthx555, Valerycry, Ksedden and Karmba. They will compete for the grand prize code for  60 packs! The winner of this satelite PicoleDexuxu got 4 codes for X2 packs.

This Saturday we are going to play “Royal Rumble” satelite! You should have only one deck and win… with it! We will randomly choose first 2 participants for playing in each round. The winner will go to next round. Another player will be eliminated from the rumble. One participant will not play 2 rounds in a row (only when 3 players remaining). The winner of satelite will get 4 codes for X2 packs, player who will eliminate most of players will get code for x2 packs. 8 best players will go to “Singleton 70 Royal Rumble” with prize pool 60 packs.

You can register here. Check in will start 30 minutes before tournament! Let the Rumbleeeeee begin!!!!


Russian version:

Добро пожаловать на “Королевский Махач”!

Правила очень просты: одна дека на весь турнир! В каждом раунде принимают участие по 2 игрока, выбранных случайным образом! Победитель проходит дальше, проигравший покидает махач. Победитель махача получит 8 бустеров. Игрок, выбивший максимум оппонентов, получит 2 бустера и место в суперфинале в случае отсутствия его в топ 8 махача.

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8 лучших игроков получат путевку в суперфинал месяца. в котором разыграют 60 бустеров!

Да начнется махач!