TES Legends Game Update 72

Patch 72 was rolled out on May, 2 2018. Here what we’ve got:

  • New Lower Price for Skyrim Starter Pack. This excellent value is now available at a reduced price! You’ll receive ten Heroes of Skyrim packs, the exclusive “The Dovahkiin” title, and a bonus Legendary card.
  • Be A Legend… Get The Legend Card Back. Starting with this patch, when you reach Legend on the Versus ladder, you’ll receive the new Legend Card Back when you get your monthly rewards.
  • Turn Timers for Friend Challenges. Players now have the option to turn on timers when creating a Friend Challenge game. (Note that the turn timer is never active for either player’s first turn.) Mobile users can once again initiate Friend Challenges.

General Bug Fixes

  • When an action with Betray fills your lanes by summoning one or more creatures (such as Fleeting Apparition or Divayth’s Experiments), you are now able to Betray and play it again.
  • User interface for Apple iPhone X has been improved.

Card Bug Fixes

  • Caius Cosades – Now indicates a failed guess with a visual effect.
  • Divayth’s Experiments – The copy will now be properly summoned to the same lane as the original creature.
  • Genius Pathmage – Now correctly summons a creature in the other lane when summoned to a full lane.
  • Gentleman Jim Stacey – No longer blocks the opponent from actions if a chat message is open and Jim is played. He’s much more gentlemanly now.
  • Laaneth – Now functions correctly on mobile when summoned from an ability.
  • Pit Lion – Game text clarified to “Pit Lion can’t be played unless there’s a friendly creature in each lane.” No functional change.