TES Legends is officially launched on PC

As we expected based on patch dynamics, Beta is over now. TES Legends was officially released on PC along with announce of new story “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” which will be a new type of DLC. For $19.99 you get:

  • Over 25 new Chapters.
  • 40 Exclusive cards.
  • Doom Wolf mount for The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Pre-purchase also adds a premium card and an exclusive title.

Story will be launched on April 5.

Release came with update 1.62.1 with next fixes and improvements:


  • Loyal Housecarl is no longer awkwardly cropped with its head cut off.
  • Riften Pillager’s summon ability now updates after it is unsummoned.


  • Grammatical errors on the Thank You page after purchasing Arena Tickets and promotional packs are now corrected.
  • Credits can now be viewed.


  • Text field errors are no longer missing text prompts causing them to only display red Xs.
  • Password text field error Xs no longer overlap the requirement text.
  • If the device is locked during a chapter, advancing to the next chapter will no longer tell players that they will unlock Act 3 Rewards upon completion.

Known Issues

  • The Earth Bone title is erroneously being granted to new members. These erroneous titles will be removed.
  • All PC users will need to accept the EULA after which social features appear as unavailable. This can be resolved by restarting the game client.