The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind is live!

This really big expansion is out, and here what we have:

  • 149 new cards available in Houses of Morrowind packs
  • Three-attribute cards – For the first time, create decks using up to three attributes instead of two! Each of the five three-attribute factions not only creates new deckbuilding possibilities, but also comes with its own distinctive playstyle.
  • Ash Creatures – Intimidating monstrosities hailing from deep within the Red Mountain, some of which lend their true strengths to players that control creatures with 5 or more power.
  • Gods – Call mighty beings to your aid, such as Vivec or the vengeful Dagoth Ur!
  • New Keyword: Rally – Buff creature cards in your hand whenever a Rallying creature attacks, paving the way for stronger and stronger allies to join your ranks!
  • New Mechanic: Betray – Actions with Betray are so nice, you can play them twice. There’s only one catch, however: To play a copy of a Betray action, you’ll have to sacrifice one of your own creatures!
  • New Mechanic: Plot – Cards with the Plot mechanic have a special ability that triggers if you already played another card in the same turn. Splash in a few inexpensive cards (or ones that put new cards into your hand) and your Plot will come to fruition in no time!
  • New Mechanic: Exalt – Creatures with Exalt function like any normal card. Invest a little extra magicka when playing them, however, and they can come out stronger than before! On top of that, Exalted creatures also help trigger powerful abilities of other cards.

Welcome to Morrowind!

  • Morrowind Starter Pack – This special offer contains 10 Houses of Morrowind packs, exclusive “The Nerevarine” title to display on your avatar, and a bonus Legendary card.
  • Morrowind Theme Decks – Five 75-card decks, one for each of the five new Houses, with new three-attribute deck art. Each theme deck is available for Gold or cash.
  • Morrowind Daily Quests – New tasks are available to assist the citizens of Morrowind.
  • Morrowind Titles – Many new titles have been added for Morrowind achievements.
  • Morrowind Playmats – There will be mushrooms! Lots of mushrooms.

Puzzle Sets

Three new sets of puzzles are available! These single-player challenges present players with interesting and tricky situations, similar to the Memory games seen in Return to Clockwork City.

  • Each set contains 10 puzzles.
  • Each puzzle you complete will provide rewards. Rewards for each set include five Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems, and an exclusive card back.
  • The Caius’ Training set has been granted to all players for free.
  • Two sets, Naryu’s Challenges and Divayth Fyr’s Trials, are available for Gold or cash

New Deckbuilder Features

  • Copy and Delete Deck – You can now copy and delete decks from the Collection view, without having any decks open.
  • Full Deck View – With a deck open, selecting the deck tile expands your deck to fill your screen, allowing you to see your entire deck without scrolling in most cases. This has replaced the Deck Info dialog.

Arena Changes

  • New Houses – Three-attribute Houses have been added to Arena. You will have the choice of at least one three-attribute House in every Arena you enter.
  • Solo Arena – Extra picks between games have been increased in rarity and will no longer give commons. The guaranteed pack reward is changed to Core set (Versus Arena and Chaos Arena will give out a Houses of Morrowind pack instead).
  • Rank Reductions – for Solo Arena, Versus Arena, and Chaos Arena
    • Rank 1: -3 ranks
    • Ranks 2-4: -2 ranks
    • Ranks 5-6: -1 rank
    • Ranks 7-9: No change

New Card Backs

We’re introducing several new card backs to the game!

  • Morrowind Card Back – Awarded with your first Morrowind pack bundle purchase.
  • House Card Backs – Each house has a special back that you can earn for winning 30 games with a matching three-attribute deck.
  • Puzzle Card Backs – Each puzzle set has an exclusive back awarded for completing all 10 puzzles in the set.
  • Nerevar Reborn Card Back – Awarded for collecting 100% of the Morrowind set.

General Bug Fixes

  • The special offers icon will now only glow when there are new special offers.
  • Searching for New cards in Collection has been improved in several languages.
  • Blood Magic spells are now tracked accurately for the title “The Blood Magic Lord.”
  • Playing Shouts is now tracked accurately for the title “The Thu’um Master.”
  • Where there is no card yet previewed for the Ranked Monthly Ladder, the placeholder texts appear correctly.
  • Cards that reference playing a card will now only count cards played from hand or the prophecy zone. They will not count cards summoned from your discard pile, deck, or from outside the game.

Card Bug Fixes

  • Dark Rebirth – No longer permanently copies ongoing immune buffs.
  • Fabricate – Custom Fabricants now retain their game text when copied.
  • Hunter-Killers – Can now target creatures summoned after its first attack.
  • Mecinar – Copies of Mecinar’s Abomination now retain the Abomination’s art and stats.
  • Move in Shadows – Now properly moves a Charge creature at the end of the turn.
  • Serpentine Stalker – Can no longer bypass Guards to attack in the other lane.
  • Ulfric’s Uprising – Summon abilities from Uncaged Wolf, Stronghold Eradicator, Custom Fabricant, and Assembled Titan are now properly triggered by Ulfric’s Uprising.