The Elder Scrolls Legends Meta Report #1(1) (September)

Tier 1

Token Crusader is a king of meta. Has great win rate because of tempo game and good card draw potential that gives chance to create a strong board several times.

To beat this deck you should have AOE`s, prophecies or cards that deal damage and destroy opponent’s tokens one by one.  Control decks like Control Mage and tempo decks with Strength Attribute like Midrange Archer have good winrate against this deck.

Ramp Dragon Scout is an insane deck because of its power in late game and answers for all game styles: it does not have cards with Prophecy but has cards with Guard, Heal. You can play this cards several times during the game because of Soul Tear. Tempo decks like  Midrange Archer or aggressive decks with Charges and guard-destroying methods like Aggro Battlemage have good winrate against this deck.

Control Mage has been a good deck during all time. It has a lot of AOE effects, point removals, defence Prophecy. You can destroy opponent’s tempo game and then beat him in late game. It is bad against Ramp Scout  or another late game decks with Hist Grove. Sometimes players use Vicious Dreugh to destroy opponent supports.

Tier 2

Midrange Archer can have a good win rate against a lot of decks because of answers to opponent’s tempo play and own powerful tempo cards. There are a lot of 2-drops in this deck that can help to create a good tempo. Goblin Sculk helps a lot against aggro because of drawing Curse, Mournhold Traitor helps against other decks because of insane tempo stats. Bad against Control Mage.

Midrange Sorcerer is a good universal deck too like Midrange Archer. But it is better against Control Mage because Wrath of Sithis can block AOE, but not so good against token decks especially Token Crusader.

Merric Battlemage is one of the most interesting and strong decks in game. After nerf of Supreme Atromancer popular version became not so popular and players are going to use midrange version without this cards. But old version has good potential against control decks because of a lot of damage from 0-mana cost tokens. Bad against aggro decks because there is no Heal and only 6 Prophecy in deck.

Tier 3

Strength Attribute has a great aggro potential. One of the most powerful aggro decks is Aggro Crusader. It does not have draw potential, just Charges and face damage. Sometimes it is not enough to destroy opponent. You can build the deck with Strength Attribute and added some Agility cards and create Aggro Archer.

Altair Control Monk can be pretty good against all aggressive and token decks. You can upgrade Drain Vitality to 3 level and deal -2/-2 to all tokens. Altar of Despair will help you to upgrade your shouts by summoning World Wall too. It can also be good against Control Mage. Bad against Scout, Spellsword or another decks with cards that can destroy supports like Belligerent Giant or Vicious Dreugh.

Token Mage is a popular token deck. It is not so good like Token Crusader because it does not have so good draw potential. But it can be very aggressive and tempo and beat even tier 1 decks.  

Tier 4

Doomcrag Warrior is an interesting deck because there are a lot of cards that can help in different situations. You can combine Doomcrag Vampire and Skaven Pyromancer to clear the board, Disciple of Namira and Nord Firebrand to draw cards. You can also play aggressively.

Item Assasin can also beat tier decks. You can discard your items and then summon it by Master of Arms. If you have Gardener of Swords on the board you will play the item power twice. You can also use [/card]Journey to Sovngarde[/card] in this deck.

Control Spellsword is the deck that can beat another control decks like Control Mage because of powerful late game and Hist Grove effects. It can also beat Scout because of at least 2 methods of destroying support by Edict of Azura or Shadowfen Priest.

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