Midrange Warrior deck with elements of control

I would like to present you the Midrange Warrior deck with elements of control:

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As you can see on curve it is a hybrid deck because it includes the cards for mid game( nine 2-drops, nine 3-drops, eight 5-drops) and cards for late game(nine 7+ drops). This deck costs 5850 soul gems without cards from “The Fall of the Brotherhood” story. The concept of this deck is to get a good tempo in early game and to do a good trades. There are a lot of good creatures for early game like Dragontail Savior or Wind Keep Spellsword. Then your Doomcrag Vampire will give keyword Lethal for all your early game creatures and you can do good valuable trades. Creatures with this keyword have a good synergy with Quicksilver Crossbow.

You will play some good creatures with keyword Guard like Dark Guardian or Nahagliiv to defense your board. There are 10 creatures with Guard in this deck. Also Night Shadow will give you a chance to heal yourself by keyword Drain. If you play Unstoppable Rage on Night Shadow you will heal yourself and will get some damage because of keyword Breakthrough.

There are 6 creatures with keyword Silence in this Midrange Warrior deck (three copies of Shadowfen Priest and three copies of Earthbone Spinner). Shadowfen Priest can also destroy enemy support like Belligerent Giant.

This deck can be good against aggressive decks because of a lot of creatures with Guard, Silence, Drain and some defensive Prophecy creatures like Protector of the Innocent.

Also it can be good against midrange decks because of the potential unstoppable clearing or healing effect from Unstoppable Rage. Also there is a good late game in this deck. Blood Magic Lord can win you the game. You can also get it from Falkreath Defiler.

This deck can be bad against control decks because of having a bad draw potential.