What is Meta Report and how it’s created?

Meta – is a snapshot of the current situation in the TES Legends ladder. It’s created from observation of multiple matches. Authors of meta reports are active players who also […]

100% Midrange Archer TES Legends deck

I would like to present you one of the versions of 100% Midrange Archer deck without cards from new expansion set “The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood”. As you can […]

Slay TES Legends keyword

Keyword Slay is the new unique keyword in TES:Legends. If your creature with this keyword destroy opponent’s one on your turn the bonus of keyword Slay will be activated. This […]

Warrior TES Legends class

Warrior is the Class that specialized in strong attacks (constant buff effects like from , or temporary like from will give your creatures more power), accompanied by powerful blood magic […]

Spellsword TES Legends class

Spellsword is the Class that specialized in combinations of fast growth (, , or Support ), blood magic experiments (Undead creatures with keyword Drain like , and unique Legendaries and […]

Sorcerer TES Legends class

Sorcerer is the Class that specialized in combinations of different kinds of magic (with mass effect like or or point spells like or ), especially strong spells and experiments with […]